Is It Me Or Him?

I have been married twice, and I don’t know if something is screwing with my memory or not, but I seem to remember that my ex husband was better in bed. My sister who works for escorts in London says that this happens a lot. She dates gents who complain that their new partner is not as good in bed as their previous partners. Well, if it happens to gents, it must happen to women as well. My sister, and her friends at London escorts, do date a lot of guys, but I am still wondering what is going here. Is it our memory that is playing havoc with us? I am beginning to think it is.

Most of the girls at escorts in London have a lot more experience of this sort thing than me, but I do wonder if we think about our new partners other good qualities too much. Sometimes when we get a bit older, sex becomes less important and companionship takes over. Maybe this is what is playing on our minds. I keep saying to my sister and her friends at London escorts that they should ask the gents they date. Could it be that they have sort of downgraded sex and it is a lot less important?

I love sex, and I know that my new husband does as well. He gets turned on really easily, but it is over to soon for me. He is a few years older than I am, and I am not sure that his libido is that great any more. That happens to all of us, and I am sure it will happen to me one day as well. My sister at London escorts has the most amazing libido, but than she is 10 years younger than me. When I was her age, I know that my libido was a lot better as well. Most of the girls at London escorts have fantastic libidos and I wish that mine would sort of come back to me.

Foreplay is important to me, but my husband just can’t take too much of that. He gets really excited and just comes too quickly. There are times when I wished that I worked for escorts in London, or had a toy boy, so that I could perhaps get a little bit more satisfaction. It made me laugh the other day when my sister told me that most London escorts have toy boys. It could actually be just what I need.

I would love to have a toyboy to fulfill all of my sexy fantasies with when my husband is at work. It is one of my dreams, and i get really horny when I think about it. Sometimes when my husband comes home, he wonders what is the matter with me. Those are the days when my libido is sky high, and I have been thinking about getting a toyboy. Also, I have started to watch porn movies, and I want to try new things. I dream about this stuff. They do say that when a woman hits 32 years young, her libido goes into overdrive. I keep on wondering if that is what has happened to me. I guess I’m just a 32 year old woman who happens to be an escorts in London who loves sex. I am very happy about that?